Monday, February 1, 2010

Fundraising - KS-01

Amazingly the money in the Big First is still fairly close. Huelskamp leads in amount raised and cash on hand but this early - anything can happen. Barnett has also previously run statewide so may have a leg up on the name ID. Huelskamp and Barnett also represent state senate districts within the first - Wasinger and Mann are relatively new candidates on the scene. We'll keep our eyes out for a poll in the race - but from the looks of it, anyone could walk away from the crowded primary a winner.

Wasinger $202,800 COH $100,800 Raised
Huelskamp $480,000 COH $136,800 Raised
Barnett $374,700 COH $126,600 Raised
Mann $240,800 COH $72,000 Raised

Barnett did give himself $100,000 of his money this summer but we're pretty sure that will still be accepted to run ads...

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