Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holland's In....Maybe

State Senator Tom Holland may run against Lynn Jenkins - no wait, now he may run against Sam Brownback for Governor. Good decision, if you're not well known enough to mount a credible challenge in the 2nd district you should definitely go ahead and give statewide a shot.

According to the Cap Journal - State Sen. Tom Holland, of Baldwin City, said he will decide soon whether to seek the Democratic nomination. "Several people have approached me about running for governor," Holland said. "I'm actively considering it."

At year end, Holland reported raising $7,700 last year and currently has $12,900 COH. Holland won his senate seat in 2008 against incumbent Roger Pine. Although this was an impressive win in a year where Kansas only got more Red - winning on 48% of his own district doesn't exactly bode well for a statewide race against Brownback who will likely outspend him 10 to 1.

Favorite fact on his facebook page: Holland is a fan of 'ForwardKansas' - but really, who isn't??

Best of luck thought Tom - we're looking forward to the entertainment!


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