Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KS Fundraising: Who's Got It, Who Doesn't

Sam Brownback Raised $1,534,000 Cash on Hand $1,100,000

Attorney General
Stephen Six Raised $375,000 Cash on Hand $501,000
Derek Schmidt Raised $138,000 Cash on Hand $111,000

Insurance Commissioner
Sandy Praegar Raised $59,000 Cash on Hand $92,000
David Powell* Raised $16,000 Cash on Hand $2,000 *Primary Challenger

Secretary of State
J.R. Claeys Raised $110,000 Cash on Hand $288,000
Kris Kobach *Not yet online
Chris Biggs Raised $1,000 Cash on Hand $1,000

Dennis McKinney Raised $153,000 Cash on Hand $147,000

We're interested to see what's next for current Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh. Although he withdrew from the Governor's race, he still has over $130,000 in his campaign account. Perhaps he'll use it to help out some friends or perhaps he's holding on to it for his next move.

Keep checking back for more details on these finance reports and the federal finance reports that are due the 15th. Will Moran continue to outraise Tiahrt? Will anyone drop out of these crowded primaries in the 1st and 4th? Did Laura Kelly even raise $50,000? Stay tuned....


  1. Anonymous1/12/2010

    Why isn't Kobach's report on-line? Weren't they due yesterday?

  2. Anonymous1/12/2010

    Looks like someone is breaking the laws they want to be trusted to enforce.

  3. Anonymous1/12/2010

    Due to problems in the computer format, Kobach's report will not be available until tomorrow. The report was summitted on time but the KGEC needed to make some alterations in the layout before its release.

    The Kobach campaign did, however, release a PR which outlined the numbers. Kobach raised $93,568 in 2009, with a personal loan of just a little over $2,000. Claeys, on the other hand, raised a miniscule $10,000. That is, of course, if you don't count the $100,000 loan that Claeys personally gave to his campaign to artificially inflate the numbers.

    Kobach's PR was sent out to all major media outlets around the state. Tim Carpenter of the Topeka Capital Journal wrote a great piece setting the record straight.

  4. Anonymous1/12/2010

    It's funny when republicans fight over self-financing. Didn't Kobach work for Romney? The biggest self-financer ever? I guess it's only bad when your opponent does it. Hypocrite. Oh, and was it "artificial inflation" when Kobach gave himself $50k on his last report?

  5. Anonymous1/12/2010

    This is why everyone should use a Mac.

    Curious about the format changes being made by ethics. I wasn't aware that they were allowed to doctor reports. Shouldn't it be posted as filed, then amended.

  6. Anonymous1/13/2010

    Hey Ben, thanks for the update on Kobach. Since you're talking about self financing do you mind if I report to the group that 1/3 ($50,000) of all the money collected by the Kobach campaign has come directly from Kobach's bank account?

    Attack Claeys all you want, but maybe next time do it in a less hypocritical fashion. I'm mean you could attack Claeys' lack of election experience. Wait a second, Kris has never worked an election either. Oh well, I am sure you guys will find something, Kris being a Harvard alumnus and all.

  7. Anonymous1/13/2010

    Better send the fire department over to Ben's place. Because his pants are on fire. A quick call to ethics debunked his "format" excuse. No report at SOS or ethics.

    I'm no journalist, but how are media reporting on his fundraising without confirming it? Shoddy.

  8. Anonymous1/14/2010

    This guy None None sure did make some hefty contributions. He appears to be over the limit, however. What kind of scam is Kobach running here? I'd call up Harvard and ask for a refund if I were him. Contributors have to have names Kobach. It's called the LAW.

  9. Anonymous1/14/2010

    Was Kobach the chairman of the Party when the reports got all fouled up?? I understand some fines were paid??