Saturday, January 2, 2010

Six Supports Corrupt "Nebraska Compromise"?

We've been upfront about the disaster that is the "health care reform" bill that's barreling its way through Congress. Led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Democrats will stop at nothing to get anything passed; no matter who gets run over, shafted, or what crooked deals need to be made to appease skeptics.

The fact Nebraska will never have to pay for Medicaid coverage in the future, sticking states such as Kansas with the bill, is downright criminal. Thankfully, Republican lawmakers here in Kansas are putting pressure on Democrat Attorney General Steve Six to join the other 13 state attorney generals that are objecting to such a deal.

Six is a relative unknown in Kansas politics. He was appointed by Queen Kathleen after their poster boy Paul Morrison was forced out after an infidelity scandal a few years back. What we do know about Six is that he's the typical Kansas Democrat that campaigns as not being a Democrat in order to get elected.

So where does he stand on letting Nebraska get this Medicaid deal? So far, only silence.

It's time Six takes a stand for or against the typical Washington corruption that Kansans are sick and tired of. So where are you Mr. Six? Kansans are waiting to hear where you stand.

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