Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Parkinson Likes Taxes?

Parkinson likes taxes - who knew? Guess it's a good thing he left the party or we'd all be demanding he did.

Last night Governor Parkinson, in his State of the State, proposed a sales tax increase of 1 percent and a 55-cent per pack increase in cigarette taxes. We'll give it to him - he has a terrible job of attempting the balance the budget, now more than $300 million in the red. The sales tax hike would expire after three years unless lawmakers voted to continue it but the cigarette tax appears to be permanent.

Republican forces already appear to be lining up against the proposal but will the Governor be able to tug at the hearts of Moderates - vowing to save education funding and win votes?

“Raising taxes in a recession is exactly the wrong policy,” said Sen. Jeff Colyer, an Overland Park Republican.

Mike Maddox, chairman of the Kansas Chamber board: “If Kansas is going to experience a sustained economic recovery and growth, businesses will lead the way by growing jobs. Nothing will hinder the recovery and economic growth more than increasing the tax burden on our citizens.”

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