Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Poll: Who will Brownback choose for Lt Gov

Rumors are starting to fly about who Senator Brownback will pick to serve as his lieutenant governor. We've posted a new poll but would love to hear your suggestions as well!

Some of the most likely candidates
- Retiring Secretary Ron Thornburgh who dropped out of the race for governor and would pull in some moderates for Brownback
- 3rd district candidate and former state Senator Nick Jordan - this would help avoid a nasty Republican primary in the 3rd and pull in some Kansas City votes for the Senator. Also would leave Yoder as the front runner for the 3rd who is a bit more moderate for the district that voted for Obama in 2008
- State Senator Jeff Colyer - also pulls in Kansas City votes and money for the senator, as well as experience in the health field. The two also served as White House fellows and are rumored to be close

Other possibilites could be Moran or Tiahrt if one of them decides to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination for Senate, Brownback's former chief of staff Rob Wasinger if he decided to get out of the crowded primary for the 1st district, Kris Kobach if he gets out of the SoS race - close with Brownback since serving as state party chair, or Jim Barnett if he were to drop out of the primary in the 1st - he's already got some statewide name ID after running for Gov against Sebelius.


  1. Anonymous1/20/2010

    State Senator Steve Abrams would be a great choice.

  2. Given Switchback's record of waffling on issues, habit of dumping who brung him to the previous level and constantly trying to undermine qualified local activists with his aides and DC pals I'd prefer to see him pick a conservative so we're guaranteed of having at least one on the ballot.

    And why would Yoder be the leader in the 3rd? Is this blog following Steve Rose in ignoring Patricia Lightner? I like Nick Jordon, but Patricia was willing to face off against Moore and Nick wasn't. It's going to be tough in Congress right now and I don't want to send someone there (like Yoder) who might switch sides, or someone who avoids confrontations until it looks like the fight is over.

  3. Anonymous1/21/2010

    You may want to go back to the drawing board?

  4. The way I look at it, he needs to find someone who would appeal to voters when Brownback is done in office. None of the mentions really excite me, especially not Thornburgh. Nice guy, but seems vulnerable in this sort of election and we don't need that.

  5. Anonymous1/21/2010

    Not Kobach. Not Barnett.

    I would go with Colyer.

    Lightner is not going to win the 3rd.

    John you are an idiot.

  6. I always love how brave people are when they post anonymously. Thornbird is useless. Does he ever actually show up at work for his current job?

  7. Anonymous1/21/2010

    No one outside the political insiders know who Patricia Lightner is. She has worse name ID than Tom Scherer... The reason people talk about this race as if its between Jordan and Yoder is because they have name ID and have the fundraising ability to increase name ID and get their message out. Just sayin.

  8. John Altevogt--
    I've listed to you on the radio and usually agree with you, but not this time.

    You actually think Kevin Yoder would switch sides? He's been doing a great job in Topeka, leading the way in cutting spending and balancing the budget--that's what we need in D.C.

    Lightner, nor Jordan have the experience that Kevin has in his role as Appropriations Chair.

    If you want a has-been politician and lobbyist, want a lobbyist, Lightner or Jordan is your pick. If you want someone young, fresh, and experienced, Kevin Yoder is the guy. We need fiscal conservatism more than ever right now in D.C.--let's not blow this opportunity by electing a Republican who would only be able to hold the seat for one term before another popular Dem like Moore swoops in and gains a lock on the district.

  9. There you go, two solid arguments in a row. Beautiful. I don't care if folks disagree with me, but I don't want the people on our side acting like liberals by trying to substitute name calling for rational thought.

    Whoever we pick of the three will be better than what we have now.

  10. Anonymous1/21/2010

    I'm a little confused, why would there be so much discussion of Jordan or Tiahart/Moran dropping out of the respective races. I suppose either Moran and Tiahart could gain a ton of momentum and the other would drop out, unlikely. Does Yoder have enough steam to suggest Jordan is ready to look at other political possibilities?

  11. I believe that there have been rumors, dispelled by Jordon, that he would be Brownback's running mate and would drop out of the race - some even suggesting he would endorse Yoder, again dispelled by Jordon.

    Not sure regarding Moran/Tiahrt. Moran is notoriously indecisive, but has been leading in the polls until just recently when they began to tighten up, perhaps giving rise to rumors he would drop out. Doubt it at this point.

  12. Maybe Nick should run for Lt. Gov. Particularily considering he was afraid to run against Moore again. Besides, Nick would be good at it. We all know the Lt. Gov does not do much of anything in Kansas. Nick was be an expert at it.

    Nick, it is hammer time.

  13. I remember quite distinctly in Jan. 2008, calling Nick to welcome him to the congressional race. Despite us being in the same party, Nick stated "why should I talk to you? You are the enemy." I never considered a fellow GOP member to be my enemy.

    The only enemy I have now in the GOP is you, Nick. And like a coward, you refused to reconcile this despite my substantial efforts. I imagine that with an attitude like that, everyone else is your enemy. And on that issue, I am sure most of the voters will agree.

    Your only friend was Dick Satan Cheney. Maybe he will vote for you in 2010, but I doubt it. How does it feel Nick to have danced with Satan. Whatever happened to having some kind of moral standards? But who needs morality after having danced with Satan.

    It is hammer time Nick. You are Public Enemy No. 1.

  14. Anonymous1/25/2010

    Thom, you have been rejected by the voters, again and again. You attack other Republicans and have threatened to sue the JOCO GOP. You continue to lose credibility with your random and unfounded attacks on viable candidates. The reason no one lists you as a viable candidate is because of craziness like the above post.

  15. Anonymous1/27/2010

    Here is my theory so here goes. Nick Jordan's campaign has done nothing for two months and he and Brownback are friends. He will be running with Brownback or has a REALLY bad campaign manager. The higher up Kansas GOP's have realized that they cannot realistically endorse Yoder as he is too moderate which will not go over well at all in 2010. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, O'Hara decides to announce she is running two days before Kansas Days. I would bet my bottom dollar that Brownback and Roberts eventually endorse O'Hara. Does the Kansas GOP think that we are that stupid? The days of the "good ole boys" club deciding what is best for everyone are over. Todays voters are more informed than ever and a simple endorsement from a few GOP leaders will not cut it anymore. I have the utmost respect for John Rysavy, Patricia Lightner and Daniel Gilyeat who had all joined the race before Dennis Moore announced his retirement. These are the ones to look at seriously, not the johnny-come-lateleys who decided to jump in when they wouldn't have to face the incumbent. Jordan, Yoder and O'Hara are part of the old-school politicians who think that name recognition and friends in high places will get where you need to go. Not in 2010! Anybody thinking of voting for Yoder should first look at his voting record and part of his background he conveniently left off of his profile - University of Kansas Young DEMOCRATS!

  16. Lightner continues to be the most interesting candidate in this race. Whether she can raise the money is the real question. O'Hara will have hubby's money, but who knows how many times she can go to that well. If she can't win a seat as a commissioner, or even party chair, why would she think she could by the 3rd District Congressional nomination? Yoder will get the support of The Sun and the establishment sleazoids and so will also have money.

  17. Anonymous1/27/2010

    Anonymous today is the same person who has been making this stuff up on the KC Star website. Give it up with the Young Democrats thing. The more you say it the less everything else you say is believable. Also looking at the three people who filed as principled is ok but their decision can also be interpretted as disillusioned or unwise as they would have run into the political bansaw that was Moore (who would have probably turned all of his liberal votes into a non-issue somehow once again).

  18. What people are in college is hardly relevant once so much water has washed under the bridge. The question is what are their beliefs now, and do they have a habit of waffling. If Yoder has been consistent in espousing a different set of beliefs that are inconsistent with those held by the Democrat Party, who cares what he thought then.

    The issue of having the courage to confront Dennis Moore is far more salient. Do we really want someone who only does the safe thing to do, who only ventures into the fray when victory is assured? I don't think so. I have nothing at this point against either Mr. Jordon, or Yoder, but I simply find that Patricia Lightner had the courage to confront Dennis Moore when he was still in the race, and that says a lot about her character. I also take umbrage with the post above that tried to disparage Jordon and Lightner's legislative experience. Both have served honorably and meaningfully in the legislature and bring an extensive set of qualifications to the task.

    This race shouldn't be about personalities, or experience. All three candidates seem to bring sufficient experience to the task and none of them brings the extremism to the task that Dennis Moore inflicted on us these past years. Let their agendas and principles speak for themselves and choose on that basis.

  19. Anonymous3/12/2010

    I think we are forgetting a very interesting candidate who may be a dark horse in the election of the next 3rd District Congressman. He may not have the elected experience of some his opponents in this race but he has charisma, character and intelligence and has experience in the business world and in the health care system thus making him relatable and marketable throughout the District. He is adored in the Team Party and Fair Tax communities which WILL play a HUGE role in this election. Much more than we have EVER seen in prior years.

    John Rysavy!

    He may not have much money in the bank YET, but he has raised more than Lightner and also has yet to put his own money into this race as well. Not to mention, many of Jordan's biggest donors from previous cycles have yet to donate which either says they are done giving money to a candidate who won't fight the big fight in the 3rd which may serve as a sign that he won't fight the big fights in D.C., or they realize he will be on the ballot at the Lt.Gov.

    John is both socially and fiscally conservative and although he is older than he appears, he is still very marketable to the younger spectrum in the voting demographic and the older "typical" conservative voters. As a strong Catholic and dedicated family man he will be able to resonate with the communities like Olathe and Shawnee very well.

    As I have watched him throughout this election cycle thus far, I am seeing that if you are a moderate you will like him and if you are a conservative, you will love him. I think he may be the dark horse in what may turn out to be a true 3-way primary who squeeks through with 35% plus of the vote while the other two candidates fight it out as the "front runners."

    Now, it is just to wait and see who the other two "real" opponents will be...Yoder/Jordan or Lightner/Yoder.

    Luckily for him...conversing with Yoder is like a conversation with an accountants ledger and conversing with Lightner is worse than a conversation with a log. So, I guess if you can get past the smell of scotch on Jordan's breath, a conversation with him typically isn't too bad.