Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Jobs Summit Day

When times are tough - wants the best solution? Get together and talk about the problem, but don't announce any solutions. We wouldn't want that kind of sensitive material about how Obama plans to create jobs, to leak out before we truly need the jobs.

Today President Obama convenes plenty of politicians of his lockstep politicians as well as labor bosses and academics. After 10 months and the authorization of $787 billion in government spending, the economic policies of the White House and the Democratic Congress have failed. 15.7 million Americans are out of work, 3.2 million of them since the stimulus was first passed in February. Unemployment, at 10.2 percent, is higher than the President promised it would be if he did nothing. The Obama-Pelosi-Reid economic policies are hurting, not helping.

When will the President learn that we're sick and tired of his lofty rhetoric - it's time for him to develop real solutions. Don't just throw money at the problem with another stimulus, it clearly didn't work the first time.

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  1. As a congressional candidate, I agree. We need solutions. It is so easy to complain. For example, I found a problem related to a lot of people not getting their license plate renewal notices. So, I went to KDOR to inquire why.

    I found out the US Postal Service is not delivering to certain households not only license plate renewal notices, but also other critical documents. So, I am trying to find the solution.

    As I engage in this attempt to find a solution, I found out the extent of the problem is not limited to Kansas. Instead, this problem is nationwide.

    Now, I had to pay a late fee under protest when a renewed my license plates because I did not get my renewal notice.

    So, we have a problem, that impacts not only me as a congressional candidate, but many other Kansans, as well as people all over America. Now the harder part is finding the root cause and what is the solution.

    So, I filed a congressional inquiry yesterday with the incumbent congressman. The root cause is the United States Postmaster is not delivering notices including license plate renewals to certain addresses all over America.

    And what an opportunity that is for me, a candidate for United States Congress. By solving that problem, I have the opportunity to "fix" this, putting money in your (and other people all over America's) pocketbook.

    That makes me very fortunate to have that opportunity to help a lot of people all over America.

    Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, US Congress.