Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is 2010 the Age of Aquarius?

A couple weeks ago we gave an update on State Senator Laura Kelly who is challenging Rep. Jenkins for the 2nd congressional district. After surveying her campagin website which gives us little detail - we reported on some of the interesting findings on her MySpace page. Unfortunately, Liberal Laura is staying true to her astrological sign and has rebelliously taken down the site.

Aquarians can be stubborn in their opinions. They can become impatient with those who don't see their point of view and disagree with them. They embrace their eccentric ideas so much that they can be viewed as rebellious and unpredictable. Famous politicians who are also Aquarians - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mozart and Oprah!

Sorry if we've offended you Laura. Please don't become impatient with us. We simply would like to know where you stand on Obama's trillion dollar stimulus plan, the national energy tax, a government health care option that rations care and using tax-payer money to pay for abortions. Guess we'll just keep checking her website or other new media for updates.

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