Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KS-03 Yoder's In

State Representative Kevin Yoder confirmed today that he will seek the Republican nomination for the 3rd district to replace retiring Rep. Dennis Moore. Yoder joins 2008 nominee Nick Jordan, and previously filed candidates - Lightner, Scherer, Rysavy and Gilyeat. Semi-incumbent nominee Jordan raised just over $1.1 million for the race last year - but that was in 08 when the field was pretty clear for him. We're guessing Yoder looked over Jordan's FEC reports before deciding if he could mount a credible challenge.

“Having led the fight in Topeka to reign in government spending, we are now prepared to take this battle to Washington ,” Yoder continued. “A reckless disregard for the future economic well-being of our children and grandchildren has become all too common in our nation’s capitol.”

Rep. Yoder’s campaign will be focused on bringing fiscal sanity back to Washington , common-sense solutions to create jobs for Kansans, reducing the cost of quality health care, and protecting services for seniors. “We deserve an experienced leader who will stand up to Congress on job-killing policies such as ‘cap-and-trade’, ‘card check’, and the government takeover of health care.”

Some say Jordan had his chance and should step aside, others say Yoder's too young and can wait. We just hope the two don't destroy each other in a nasty primary and let the to-be-named Democrat run away with the seat. I think we all can agree that either of these guys is a million times better than Dennis Moore the Sequel.


  1. One of the criteria I use when it comes to vote for a person to represent me, if will that individual communicate with me.

    Apparently, Mr. Yoder does not want to communicate since he has refused to call me. I would assume he would treat all of the same way. Why did you not return my calls, Mr. Yoder?

  2. Mr. Yoder, have you filed with the Federal Election Commission yet?

    Further, will you know sign the 3rd District Congressional Unity Pact I requested? Some of us want to know. Like other congressional candidates.

  3. Thomas - I agree that communication is a huge criterion of selecting a good candidate. I am surprised Yoder has not returned your calls. I have not tried calling him recently, but I know when he first started out in the KS House he met with me personally and always communicated with me. And I'm the poorest guy on the block, with few connections. I acknowledge that things can change. Hopefully he calls you back. Overall, I think Yoder's candidacy for the 3rd District is a good thing, and this is coming from a former supporter of Dennis Moore.

  4. Anonymous12/16/2009

    Thomas how about - why are you running again when you didn't even break 9% in the primary in 2008? Waste of energy....

  5. Anonymous1/07/2010

    Thomas, why would Yoder (a real candidate) waste what precious time he has between solving the state's budget crisis and runs a million dollar campaign talking to a multi-time loser and announced candidate for this seat?