Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wiggins a Triple Threat?

Tom Wiggins created a stir a couple weeks ago when he threw is hat in the ring for Governor....or Senate....

Seems the former California Republican just can't seem to decide how he can best serve Kansans. And now with Dennis Moore retiring, rumors are that he may throw his hat in this third ring and compete for the triple crown. We're hearing he's already willing to commit $3 million to the race. But is that enough to overshadow the face that he hasn't lived in the state for 20-30 years.

We encourage our readers to contact Mr. Wiggins (913-839-3543 or 913-341-5597) and ask him to make a decision on what he's running for - Gov, Senate, House, Kansas Czar or local dog catcher. Regardless of what it is - we're confident Kansans won't appreciate his idea that they can be bought.

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