Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Obama Plans Gitmo Move to Illinois

Whew - at least it's not Leavenworth, Kansas. Though we think the majority of American's will still not be supportive of President Obama's decision to bring known terrorists into his old back yard for no reason other than the current detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has a 'bad stigma'.

Clearly we rarely ever see eye to eye with Barry - but doesn't it seem like a good thing for terrorists to detest the idea of Gitmo? Ya know, so they won't want to plot attacks against us and risk being held there?? Crazy idea, we know. At least Senators Brownback and Roberts are on board with us.

Kansas Senators Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback say they are relieved that suspected terrorist detainees won't be coming to Kansas. And they still think bringing the detainees to the United States is a bad idea. They say moving detainees to the United States creates more risk for the public with no clear gain.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is pleased, though, that President Obama has decided to have the federal government buy an Illinois prison....schocking!

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