Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to the Senate - Senator Huntington

State Representative Terrie Huntington was elected tonight to replace retiring state Senator David Wysong. Huntington will compete the last three years of Wysong’s second term and could run for re-election to the Senate in 2012.

Huntington was unopposed and was voted in by the precinct committees. The State Senate 7th District consists of some 61 precincts in Fairway, Leawood, Merriam, Mission, Mission Hills, Mission Woods, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, and Westwood.

Congrats Terrie! Enjoy your new larger majority in the Senate. Though they are nasty, those 9 Democrats can't put up much of a fight against the 31 Republicans.


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  2. Anonymous12/19/2009

    Isn't she basically a Democrat when it comes to her voting record?