Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Senate Primary - Anyone's Race

SurveyUSA released another poll this week in the Kansas Senate Primary. Jerry Moran is leading Todd Tiarht - 37% - 34%. With still close to 30% undecided. Looks like these two are going to start spending some of their campaign cash to started educating the rest of the state (outside their districts) on what they stand for.

Most interesting is when you look at the Ideology breakdown of the results.

Conservative Rs break for Tiahrt: 40-33%
Moderate Rs break for Moran: 46-25%
Liberal Rs breaks slightly for Moran: 30-28%

The candidates have finished inside of the survey's theoretical margin of sampling error in 4 of 5 SurveyUSA tracking polls.

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  1. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Kansas will elect the conservative in 2010. Go Tiahrt!!!