Friday, October 2, 2009

Alan Jilka for Congress: He's Bilingual!

We didn't think the Democrats would even find someone to run for Moran's seat. But former three-term Salina city commissioner and mayor Alan Jilka announced yesterday. Jilka's campaign manager - a Sebelius minion - used an interesting rationale for his candidacy: he's bilingual...and spent time in Latin America.

From the Salina Journal:
...And, he speaks Spanish

Jilka has hired as a campaign consultant Chris Cardinal of Lawrence. Cardinal, originally from Salina, worked on campaigns for Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as well as for groups such as the Kansas Health Care Association and the Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy.

"I will say I know that Alan's going to be a really hard worker. He's going to run a grass roots campaign, he'll be visiting a lot of different areas and making sure he can connect with as many constituents as possible," Cardinal said Wednesday.

He said Jilka's city government experience will aid his candidacy, as will Jilka's interest and experience visiting and living in Latin American countries, and Jilka's fluency in Spanish.

"He will be able to communicate with quite a few (Hispanic) constituents with whom there may not have been as strong a connection by those representing them in the past," Cardinal said. FULL STORY


  1. Anonymous10/04/2009

    Beware of Democrats who speak Spanish! Better check his birth certificate!

  2. Anonymous10/13/2009

    This guy will make a great US Congressman. Forget the party for for the man. And Jilka is a good man.

  3. Anonymous10/22/2009

    Great guy? Are you kidding. Any woman in Salina will tell you he's creepy. Check out the federal suit filed against him.

  4. Anonymous10/27/2009

    Federal lawsuit? What a joke! Just a bitter woman with a chip on her shoulder for being fired from her previous position by Jilka. Anybody can throw out accusations without proof, and this is her way of getting even. It's not a coincidence that she files the lawsuit shortly after he announces his run for Congress.

  5. Anonymous11/06/2009

    I think it's a coincidence that he ran for office after the state passed on the case. Maybe he didn't think they would try to take it to the federal level?!? I mean he did know about the case since why aren't we asking why he didn't announce that he was running sooner.

  6. Anonymous2/09/2010

    From Mark Rolfes:

    I have known Alan for 27 years, and can testify that he is a good, decent man with outstanding morals and genuine compassion. His interest in the world around him and in the well being of others, including the poor and the unborn, is 100% genuine and consistent.

    As far as this lawsuit goes, how about backing up this statement "Any woman in Salina..." - can you produce any other women from Salina who will back this up? Alan has been serving in Salina for many, many years, and if this is a character flaw, then you should be able to produce many others. Or is it just one woman seeking revenge, attention and money?

    Whether in business or government, when you have to make tough decisions to fire people, you always have the risk of some of them lashing out with false accusations. I challenge you to find any other similar accusations against Alan's character over the past 20 years. Then look at the facts, and make a reasoned decision.

  7. Anonymous11/03/2010

    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Alan Jilka on his overwhelming loss!

    You see, While Alan Jilka was on the Salina City Commission I contacted him about the city's policy regarding city employees. Salina had a policy that a city employee could live outside of Salina County as long as they could drive to their respective job within 20 minutes when "on call". This being a city police officer , city street worker, fire department, or other city employee. This resulted in Salina city employees speeding, careless driving and a general disregard for public safety. I personally contacted City Commissioner Alan Jilke about this problem as I live near a Salina city employee that lives outside Saline County. When Alan Jilka learned I was NOT a Salina resident his whole attitude changed and he would no longer listen to my concerns. It seemed my life and the lives of my family were second rate because we did not live in Saline County! My property and the lives of my pets were of no concern to Mr. Jilka! Now I ask you this. would Alan Jilka want to help anyone outside of his special interest group if elected?

    I do know the 20 minute policy has changed, but it has not stopped the speeding and careless manner of Salina's employees. Only if they were to get FIRED for speeding or careless driving while going "On Call" would the ignorance stop.

    Anyway, I for one am happy Jilke lost the race!

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