Monday, October 26, 2009

Democrats Confident...citizens beware

Democrats leaders today came out in strong support of their health reform proposals. Speaker Pelosi reassured - "At the end of the day we will have a public option" in the House bill. Senate Majority Leader Hoyer confirmed that the Senate too will have a public option. However, it will contain an 'opt out' clause for States. Good thing since the low reimbursement levels of Medicare and the proposed cuts to the program in both Chambers' versions will further bankrupt our states - at least this will allow for states to be smart enough to avoid this government-run option.

Luck for us in Kansas - some of our leaders in the State Legislature are already on top of it. Sen. Mary Pilcher Cook and Reps. Brenda Landwehr and Peggy Mast will hold a series of press conferences Tuesday to announce their sponsorship of bills to exempt Kansas from any federal health reform legislation.

Wichita: 9AM at Wichita Independent Business Assocation, 445 N. Waco
Emporia: 11:30AM at 6th & Merchant
Topeka: 2PM in the Kansas Senate chamber
Johnson County: 4PM at 10600 Mastin, Entrance A, the waiting room of the College Park Family Care Center's Specialty Office in OP

We're still waiting to hear if Laura Kelly and Raj Goyle will be supportive of this legislation in the state House. And since they're aspirint to high office - we'd love to hear if they would be joining Dennis Moore in support of a government-run public option. Considering Raj's liberal background and previous work for the ACLU, we're sure he's on board - unless he's holding out for a single-payer universal system? Nothing on their websites at this point suggest they wouldn't be voting in lock step with Liberal San Francisco leadership.


  1. Anonymous10/28/2009

    You do realize the U.S federal law would supercede kansas law right?

  2. I agree. Merely attempting to pass a Kansan statute will not work. Because of the Supremacy Clause. What a wise person would do is challenge any health mandate in federal court of law stating that mandate is not funded, which is required. Nor is this forcing all of us to get health care constitutional.

    Further, I have been trying to get an answer related to veterans. Will vets be forced to get health insurance? No one seems to know because hardly anyone can afford to print a bill that is over 2000 pgs. My cost would be around 170 dollars to do so.

    You provide me a copy and I will be glad to review it since most Senators and Congressman have not read it either.

    I have enough court cases at the moment. I have that case with the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals challenging Substitute for HB 2018.

    I do a lot of things to earn votes including trying to protect rights for many Kansans by effect. So would someone inform those who think a KS statute will work, need to talk to an attorney that can inform them about that thing SCOTUS and the US Constitution call the supremacy clause.

    Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, US Congress

  3. Technically, is I remember right, Congress cannot pass a mandate that in unfunded. I do not know why I seem to remember this. For example, the following are mandates that I am aware of:

    1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.
    2. The Americans with Disabilites Act.
    3. There used to a mandate related to promises to veterans related to being entitled to having their jobs after they return from military service being forced on them. This law, whether it expired or is still good law, has been changed by subsequent legislation that is absolutely an embarressment that allows many empoloyers to not have to give vets and National Guard troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    This is horrible. They are forced to serve in a foreign war and when they return from putting their lives at risk, we do mandate they get their jobs back.

    If you want to thank our troops having defended our nation in a foreign war, maybe it might be a good idea to make certain they get their jobs back at the same rate or higher when they return.

    They deserve it, they earned it, and they should be able to get the jobs back prior to honorably serving their nation.

    All we have to remember regarding our troops, is what A. Lincoln stated. Which happens to be on the building just south of the White House. Those words merely state "to care for those whom have borne the cast of battle." Giving their jobs back seems to be something A. Lincoln might have been talking about. The VA likes to call this "keeping the promise." The promise by A. Lincoln.

    Seems we as a nation have forgotten those whom have borne the cost of battle. Maybe we should remember? You think?

  4. Finally, sorry for the typos (only to perfectionists), if the federal government and Congress is required to fund federal mandates like mandantory health care, then Congress has to pay for it.

    So, this health mandate is absurd on its face. Basically, if the Dems ram a mandate, they must also fund that mandate. Which basically means everyone in America would get health insurance without cost. The only problem with free health insurance is your federal taxes would pay for this mandated, but "free" health insurance. And then the federal government would in control of 1/6th of our national economy.

    Does that sound like a free market economy? Ask the other candidates running for Congress what they suggest. I have not seen any of them doing much to earn your vote or talk about this national nightmare, called health insurance mandates.

    Why is that? Why would you vote for something that has no clue of what is happening to our nation?

  5. Oh yeah, how could I forget the fourth, and hopefullly the last mandate. NCLB. When is that mandate going to be fully funded?