Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recap: Democrats' Dreamfest '09

We won't spend a whole lot of time on the Democrats Dreamfest '09 that took place in Wichita yesterday. So here are some of the highlights:
  • Chin Up: Governor Mark Parkinson attempts to reassure his party that it's not as bad as it looks for 2010...that they have a real shot at something...he wasn't really specific. Convenient that he's decided not to run but tells his party, best of luck guys!

  • Primary?: Parkinson is backing Larry Gates who is under investigation by the AG's office for Medicaid fraud. Chris Steineger is still considering a run. Could we see a primary to see who will take on Brownback? Let's hope so!

  • Stop the Partisanship!: Senator Tom Holland from Baldwin City said he's "strongly considering" a run against Lynn Jenkins in the 2nd because of her "partisanship". We can't wait until he tells Kansans he supports the Obama agenda. What was Obama's latest approval number in Kansas? Oh yeah, 39 percent. Good luck with that Tom.

  • It's Bush's Fault: Not a surprising tactic that's STILL being used. Parkinson is confused as to why Democrats are "starting to get criticized for the financial failure brought on by the Bush administration" -- 10 months into Obama's presidency. He just doesn't get it. Regarding Browback, "Lt. Gov. Troy Findley, a former legislator from Lawrence, said, “What we don’t need to happen in Kansas is for an extremist brand of the out-of-touch politics of the Bush years moving into the governor’s office.” (LJ World)

  • For Senate: Someone named Schollenberg to run for Brownback's seat...announcement video of him on a hotel bed. strange.
Oh and here are some pretty entertaining Tweets from the day:
yonahana: So excited to eat at Braum's for lunch. Anyone who wants to join is welcome #demofest09 - no we'll admit Braum's is delicious.

MikeNellis: Governor Parkinson is feeling his inner Barack Obama. #p2 #demofest09 - many things wrong with that sentence.

ColinCurtisKS: @RajGoyle is awesome! He got a standing ovation at #Demofest09! #p2 #raj10 - shocking..a Dem getting a standing ovation at a Dem conference. They sure love their ACLU lawyers.

immunis: We're the DemocratIC party, not the democrat party. Don't talk like the opposition! #demofest09 #fail - nah, Democrat party : )

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  1. Anonymous10/04/2009

    You forgot to tell your readers about all the protesters at the movie on Friday night and again at the Hyatt on Saturday!! Wow, you really made an impression on all of those Kansas Democrats!!

    And if you really were present to hear Parkinson and Raj Goyle, that means you paid $40 to attend the luncheon. Thanks for supporting Kansas Democrats!!

    Please continue firing up your base. It's the best entertainment for miles.