Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Change We Deserve

CBS' Mark Knoller tweeted yesterday that President Obama has tied President Bush for the number of rounds of golf played while in office: 24. Only troubling thing, President Bush took 2 years and 10 months while Obama has managed to find the time in just 10 months.

What happened to the current health care crisis in America, the H1N1 National Emergency, the less than 3 months he's given himself to close Gitmo and move its dangerous detainees to our backyards. What about his pledge to end the war - instead he's decided to simply leave our troops in harms way in Afghanistan, delaying a decision on the requested troop surge.

Perhaps he thinks since he's already won the Noble Peace Prize his work is finished. Any other ideas on a better way for Obama to spend his time? Playing with his kids, fundraising for ACORN, appointing CZARS, campaigning for Democrats in NJ and VA?

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2009

    You people always have something negative to say about the President just because he's black, you racist people need to find other important things to report about. When Bush election stealing ass was President you People didn't have anything negative to say about him or his stupid gun shooting administration