Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nasty 9, vol. 3: David Haley

Meet State Senator David Haley - he hails from Kansas City, Kansas and lives up to their liberal reputation seamlessly. His often touted claim to fame is that he is the nephew of Alex Haley, author of Roots. His father also served as U.S. Ambassador to Gambia under President Clinton.

Oppose Late Term and Partial Birth Abortions - NO
Require voters to provide identification at the polls (to cut down on illegal residents voting) - NO
Amendment to prohibit Unions from collecting dues from Illegals - NO

- After a low of support Kansas Taxpayers Network 15% of the time in 2006 - he has since brought that up to 55% though in our book that's still an F
- In 2005 he supported the interested of Kansans for Life 20% of the time

According to our calculations - Senator Haley is failing the majority of his 'classes' in representing Kansans. Please reach out to Senator Haley and tell him how he can better represent you.

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