Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama to Seniors: Cha-Ching

Despite the fact the health care in Congress will cut upwards of $500 billion from Medicare, Obama isn't wasting anytime courting a key demographic in American politics.

Yesterday, the White House threw out the idea of giving each senior a big payout - $250 - so they can go buy, an iPod or something. New dentures? That little check would cost an addition $13 billion.
"These payments will provide aid to more than 50 million people in the coming year, relief that will not only make a difference for them, but for our economy as a whole, complementing the tax cuts we've provided working families and small businesses through the Recovery Act," Obama said in a statement.
We didn't think Obama would be paying off seniors in the first year of his presidency in order to quell their anger from the awful health care bill being shoved down America's throat. But here it is folks. This will do NOTHING to help the economy and most likely infuriate the seniors who are already angry about their health care being jeopardized by the health care overhaul. A real example of change we can believe in.

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