Monday, October 19, 2009

Brownback (or Moran/Tiahrt) v. Glickman?

Though we love the idea of Senator Brownback or the Republican nominee for Senate running again former Congressman Dan Glickman - who's even less known state wide than Jim Slattery (lost to Roberts with less than 40% of the vote) we think it's unlikely he'll enter the race. Glickman announced today that he will be stepping down from his post at the Motion Picture Association next September

Back in July, Glickman said - 'I have not spent an exceptionally high amount of time in the state in the last few years. Periodically, people at home talk to me about this, but I haven’t bought a house in Wichita, and I haven’t made frequent trips there.'

Although Slattery repeatedly turned down rumors before finally announcing, we're not putting any money on Glickman entering the race. With Larry Gates announcing he's out last week - it was basically an admission from the Kansas Democratic Party that they had no credible candidate, or even a Joe Democrat like Gates to put on the ballot.

Although, I guess there's still State Senator Chris Steineger....HERE. Looks like they're putting all their Liberal, organic, cage-free eggs in one basket - Raj Goyle.

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