Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parkinson Full Of Hot Air

We have never claimed Governor Parkinson to be the brightest one of the bunch, but his recent remarks to the Kansas Wind and Renewable Energy Conference make us even more glad he's not running for governor.

Parkinson spoke mostly about the cap and trade, climate legislation before Congress. The House barely passed the legislation earlier this year, with more than 40 Democrats defecting because of the impact it will have on rural states. Parkinson said the Kansas delegation should "place economic interests of the state ahead of other considerations" and simply vote for the cap and trade bill. Have you looked at the economic impact of this bill, Governor Parkinson?

FYI Governor: the cap and trade bill is not one big wind energy bill -- is that news to you?

The Obama Administration even estimates this bill "could cost some American families $1,761 a year in new taxes". Does that sound like in the economic interests of Kansans who are still being laid off and looking for work? Does that sound like in the economic interests of families who are already having to cut back and struggling to pay the bills? In addition, "taxpayers will have to pony up as much as $200 billion a year in new taxes, the equivalent of raising everyone's taxes by roughly 15%."

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Luckily, Governor Parkinson isn't in Congress. Perhaps he was just pandering to a group who wanted to hear more about wind. But when you "call out" members of Congress, we think he really believes the cap and trade bill is the answer. Fortunately for Kansas, three of our four House members voted against the legislation and our senators look to do the same. Yes, liberal Dennis Moore is drinking the kool-aid full time.

If the cap and trade legislation was just a wind energy bill, that could probably benefit Kansans. But the package as a whole is chocked full of regulation, higher taxes, and will have little to show for other than wrecking the economy. Sorry, but getting approval from Europe because of our "progressive" fight against global warming isn't high up on our list. This cap and trade bill should be the last thing Governor Parkinson would wish on the people of Kansa. Next time, Governor, do a little more studying before you make an endorsement of legislation. Your remarks were nothing but a bunch of hot air.

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