Friday, October 16, 2009

Goyle's Fundraising Breakdown - Part 1 of ?

While we didn't stay up all night to figure out the breakdown of Kansas vs. Out of State money - which looks to be the majority from the latter...we did have to lose a little sleep to find a few fun highlights in his report.

Let's start out with the Kansas Democrat Has - Beens
Former members and candidates Jim Slattery, Dan Glickman ($1K), Nancy Boyda ($250), Jill Docking ($2K)
Staffers Howard Baulke (Moore's CoS - $1K), Shanan Guinn (Boyda CoS - $250), Julie Merz (former Moore/Slattery staffer - $250)
Greg Orman ($2,400) - you remember him - he had a short lived campaign against Senate Roberts
Soon to be has been - Governor Mark Parkinson ($2,400)

Others to note include:
KS-02 candidate Laura Kelly ($250) - apparently she doesn't need to fundraise for her own campaign - she's just giving it away

Kansas Democratic Party Executive Dir - Kenny Johnson has lots of faith in Raj with a $10.00 donation

And of course our friend over at ForwardKansas, Colin Curtis - $50

The report is a real page turner - we literally couldn't stop. Feel free to start flipping through it yourself HERE

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  1. Anonymous10/16/2009

    Does no one have Tiahrt's final cash on hand number?