Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Night Preview

We are confident Election Day 2009 will prove better for Republicans than what took place in 2008. Here is a rundown of races to watch tonight and what we think will be the outcome.

Virginia Governor Race: Democrat Creigh Deeds v. Republican Bob McDonnell
This has been an embarrassment for President Obama and Democrats. The latest polling shows McDonnell beating Deeds by 10+ points.
McDonnell defeated Deeds before in a race for Attorney General. We predict Deeds will get his second beating tonight. Here's predicting a big McDonnell win!

New Jersey Governor Race: Democrat Jon Corzine v. Republican Chris Christie v. Independent Chris Daggett
New Jersey is a heavyily blue state and one that's always tough to win for Republicans. The corrupt failure and multi-millionaire liberal Jon Corzine continues to pour loads of money into his own campaign. We believe this race is too close to call because we're not sure how many people will end up getting out to vote for Independent Chris Daggett. If turnout is low for him, we're thinking it could help Christie. Corzine has consistently taken the low road in this race, making fun of Christie's weight. Pathetic.

NY-23: Conservative Doug Hoffman v. Democrat Bill Owens
The focus of this race has mostly been the rift between Republicans over former candidate and liberal Dede Scozzafava and Conservative Doug Hoffman. After Scozzafava dropped out this weekend, it's a two man race and, we believe, Hoffman's to lose. Owens is a weak candidate and out of step with the district. So we're predicting a sizeable Hoffman win tonight!

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