Monday, November 9, 2009

(Not So) BREAKING NEWS: Moore Supports Taxes

The House Democrat health care bill, H.R. 3962 passed the House late Saturday night. To no one's surprise (except voters of the 3rd district) Dennis Moore was the lone Kansan support the legislation.

It's appaling that Moore still refers to himself as a 'fiscally responsible blue dog'. This legislation costs over $1 trillion, contains over $700 bill in new taxes on individuals and small business and according to Obama's economic advisors - kills over 5.5 million jobs.

Moore's op-ed on the issue says: I will be voting for this bill because it addresses the issues of affordability, fiscal responsibility, quality and choice. We can no longer afford to do nothing.

We'll give him choice - he did vote against the Stupak amendment to ban federal funding of abortions but as for quality (rationed) care and fiscal responsibility? We're just not buying it anymore Dennis. Despite the 3rd district voting for Obama in 2006 - we here at What's Right With Kansas are convinced this is the year to beat him.

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