Thursday, November 19, 2009

Laura Kelly: Slim, Single and Running for Congress!

Liberal State Senator Laura Kelly threw her hat in the ring to run for Congress a few months ago. She remains a relative unknown to Kansans outside of Shawnee county. However, following her announcement to run, she has made quite the splash online. She's on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. But her MySpace is the most intriguing.

Here are a few observations worth mentioning:
  • According to Kelly's MySpace, she is out, proud, and SINGLE! We thought she was married, at least according to her website, but it shows she logged in the day before yesterday, on November 16. Is this simply a mistake or has Laura "gone rogue" in Cyberland?

  • Secondly, she's profiled herself as Slim/Slender. Perhaps as to lure in perspective suitors? I mean who doesn't want a member of Congress that is fit and trim? You betcha! Maybe Kelly can pull a Palin and make the cover of Newsweek in a runner's outfit.

  • Last, but certainly not least, Kelly is a proud Aquarius. haha...more on that later. Not to mention, Kelly's mood is "neutral". Come on Laura, get excited! You're running for Congress!
Just as soon as we finish this post, we are going to befriend liberal Laura on MySpace. Who doesn't want a friend that is nearly 60, slim, single, and an Aquarius! Like our friend Tom Wiggans, the last thing we want to see if liberal Laura in Congress. But we LOVE her on MySpace!

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