Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Republican Health Plan Unveiled

Kansans across the state agreed back in office - the Democrats 1,000+ health bill (HR 3200) was just not something we could support. It increased the defiict, taxed businesses and had a government run option that could eventually take over their entire health care system, and not play fair.

How did Democrats respond - they nearly doubled the size of the bill. HR 3962 is 1,990 pages long, still included a public option, mandates individuals purchase 'government (essentially Kathleen Sebelius) approved health care and mandates businesses purchase health care or pay a fee. Democrats introduced this new legislation last Thursday and were hoping to have a final bill pass the House by Columbus Day. They have been very vocal about how they intend to keep the process behind closed doors - not allowing amendments on the floor. They will allow Democrats a managers amendment for any last minute changes and then allow Republicans one substitute.

The Republican substitute has been leaked - feel free to check it out HERE. From first glance we appreciate that during this troubled economy, Republicans are focused on reforms that our country can afford to work on now. They also kept in at 230 pages - something people can actually read before voting!

Republican Leader John Boehner had the following to say about the substitute:

“Republicans have outlined a plan to lower costs and expand access at a price our nation can afford. This includes letting families buy health insurance across state lines, allowing small businesses to pool together and offer health insurance to their employees at much lower costs, just like big businesses and unions can today, giving states the tools to create innovative reforms that lower costs and ending junk lawsuits that contribute to high health care costs. Given all that’s at stake, the American people deserve to see the Republicans’ smart, fiscally responsible plans debated here on the House floor side-by-side with the Speaker’s 1,990-page bill. And I hope we will see that debate and a vote as soon as possible.”

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