Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Senator Roberts Recognizes Veterans

"Today we honor the brave men and women who throughout our nation’s history have taken up arms in defense of our nation. They have defended our freedoms, often paying the ultimate sacrifice, to preserve the way of life we hold so dear. On this Veterans Day, we pay tribute to their courage and dedication. They always will have our unfailing gratitude.

"Those now currently serving here at home and in Iraq, Afghanistan and all across the globe represent future generations of veterans. The many sacrifices they and their families are making serve as a daily reminder that freedom is not without cost. Let us especially pause to remember those who were lost or injured just last week at Ft. Hood. That tragedy shows us that service and sacrifice can come at home or abroad.

"As a United States Senator and former Marine, I take the commitment to our nation’s veterans seriously and am honored to continue to work with my colleagues on behalf of them. In Kansas, there are more than 250,000 veterans throughout the state to whom I extend my heartfelt thanks. With gratitude from one veteran to all others throughout this great nation, Semper fi."

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