Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Letter: Defining Governmet

At least Robert from Cherryvale gets it - below is his letter to the editor from the Topeka Capital Journal

Is the following the kind of government you want?

One that raises your already too high taxes.

One that pushes a health care plan that even the author doesn't understand.

One that uses scare tactics to try to pass a bill.

One that calls you a racist if you do not agree with the administration.

One that wants the government to control everything from the media to your life, and even your death.

One that has tried, and is still trying, to spend us into bankruptcy.

If you're saying no, I suggest you let your voices be heard by writing your senators and representatives. If you're not saying no, I feel sorry for you, your children and your grandchildren and their future.

Then, there is our interim governor, who has said the state might have to raise taxes. Can we afford him and more taxes?



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