Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dems Hopeful Dark Horse for Gov?

We're hearing rumors around our capital city that KDP Chairman Larry Gates is in fact going to be the Democrats hopeful dark horse candidate to take on shoe-in Governor Senator Sam Brownback. Word is that Gates is shopping around for some campaign staff.

After looking on the Kansas Ethics website - there's currently nothing filed. I'm sure it's just an oversight and he hasn't officially started raising any money yet.

The only recent success of Dems in the state seems to be due to - party switchers (Boyda, Morrison, Parkinson, etc), nasty Republican primaries or Queen Kathy's assistance. It seems hard to imagine that the guy who is the voice and face of liberals in the state has much hope of appealing to Independents and peeling of Republicans in a year when Kansans are already fed up with the frivolous spending of the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi Congress (Here).

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