Thursday, September 3, 2009

University Daily Kansan: Current Kansas GOP strength - a precursor to national revival?

By Tyler Holmes of the University Daily Kansan

"The only event in life that lacks a silver lining is the death of someone important to you. Unfortunately, it is a truth that I have been introduced to all too recently (though my pain pales to those closer to this tragedy, my heart aches more for them than itself).

So right now, death is all I can write about, all I can think about, until I can connect this to something I know — politics. (This transition in no way fairly compares the two.)

At the national level, the Republican Party is in disarray. Out of touch. Out of power. Sarah Palin. Rush Limbaugh. And trips to Argentina. The stench of death seems to be here, too.

But even without holding the cards in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, the Republicans have hope — and I’m not referring to health care as being President Obama’s “Waterloo,” like Senator Jim DeMint.

I’m referring to the state of things here. I’m talking about Kansas." (FULL STORY)

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