Monday, September 14, 2009

Nasty 9, vol 1: Marci "San" Francisco

Meet State Senator Marci "San" Francisco. She's one of the 9 (not so) powerful Democrats in the Kansas Senate. Yes, she represents Lawrence and no, we'll never unseat her, but we just feel it's about time to let her know that the other 104 - scratch that (Wyandotte) 103 counties in the state don't agree with her.

Oppose Late Term and Partial Birth Abortions - NO
Support the new Kansas Coal Plant (which will bring jobs to KS possibly for KU graduates in her town) - NO
Require voters to provide identification at the polls (to cut down on illegal residents voting) - NO
Allow Kansans to exercise their 2nd amendment rights with concealed carry - NO
Support English as Kansans' official language - NO

Who's in the party of NO now?

Contact Sen (San) Francisco and let her know she's representing Kansas, not California
(785) 842-6402

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