Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dennis Moore: The Coward of Kansas

Across the nation, we've seen Democrats stand up at town halls and get screamed at by Americans who are fed up with their government overreaching and ignoring the will of the people. I'll give it to Dems like Claire McCaskill and Barney Frank who actually stand up there and take it. Our elected officials WORK FOR US and we have a right to be heard on the pressing issues of the day.

Unfortunately, our own Kansas coward, Dennis Moore, continues to hide from his constituents, saying his life has been threatened and now his staff has worked up an even more embarrassing excuse: fire codes.

Yup, fire codes were allegedly the reason Moore canceled an overcrowded town hall event yesterday. He was supposed to have a panel to "discuss senior health issues" but, oops -- too many people showed up and Dennis had to say sorry folks, maybe next time.

Not sure who is more to blame -- Moore's incompetent staff or Moore for his pathetic excuses. Luckily he won't be able to hide from the ballot in 2010 unless he takes the coward way out and doesn't run...which, let's just say, we've heard from credible rumors that's the case.

After voting for cap and trade, the stimulus, supporting a government takeover of health care, sponsoring the big union "card check" legislation, AND ignoring his constituents, this is the year to give Dennis Moore the boot!

UPDATE: Congressman Moore turned away nearly 1,000 seniors who showed up to ask questions about health care reform. Sad.

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