Thursday, September 3, 2009

Morning Brief: No Smokes, Jackasses, Jenkins Lands Olbermann, Rose on Moore

  • Parkinson Says No Smoky!: It was nice to see Mark Parkinson slap the radical environmentalists across the face when he said "yes" to clean coal. Parkinson's next clean initiative? A state-wide ban on smoking in public places. 24 states currently have such bans in place...this sets up a public health v. business rights battle in the 2010 legislative session.

  • The New "Jackasses": Ever since the Kansas Jackass had "gone fishing" earlier this summer, the blogosphere has been devoid of Kansas Democrat idiocy. The disappearance has been the cause of intrigue for wandering minds: alien abduction? a change of heart? under investigation? Nonetheless, some new jackasses have stepped forward -- dubbed Kansas Forward. Nothing beats a bunch of liberal, idealistic college students who try to blog their way to victory. Cute.

  • Lynn Jenkins Gets Every Republican's Dream: You betcha -- being featured on token liberal Keith Olbermann's show. Republicans consider this a badge of honor...and being on there while serving in a red-red state is like having Christmas again and again. We can't think of too many things Kansans hate more than MSNBC & Keith Olbermann...who continue to get walloped in the ratings.

  • It's Never Too Early: This was last week, but Steve Rose had a great article on why and who might send Dennis "the coward" Moore packing in 2010. It's getting considerably easier to visit Moore's district and hear people saying ABM: Anyone But Moore.

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