Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If Dems Controlled Kansas...

The Kansas Democrats will once again make their case to the people of Kansas in 2010. They'll scream, complain, unleash their bitterness and sit there scratching their heads after they lose. Kansans have lived under judicial fiat (Supreme Court mandating school funding), Barack Hussein Obama's bff (Queen Kathleen), and the host of characters to step forward in 2010 should be equally as entertaining...Raj Goyle, Dennis McKinney, Larry Gates, etc.

But here is a great reminder of what the Kansas Democrats really want to do to our state.

Enter the Sierra Club. This morning the Sierra Club will "announce litigation against a Kansas electric utility." It's taking place in Lawrence...anyone want to bet on Westar? Besides the costly cap and trade tax Nancy Pelosi and Co. are trying to pass at the federal level, we have our own little green activists vying for more litigation right here in Kansas. Oh, and the press conference being put on by the Sierra Club is in association with the Sierra Club’s National Coal Day of Action.

Greenies are also holding up a project in Lawrence, Kansas according to Transportation Secretary Deb Miller:
Kansas Department of Transportation Secretary Deb Miller said any long-range plan could include funding for the South Lawrence Trafficway, which is currently being challenged in federal court by environmentalists who say the project would harm the Baker Wetlands.

“Should this alignment survive that legal challenge, I don’t think there is any question it will be on the long list of projects that are highly sought after in a new transportation program. And then, whether or not the South Lawrence Trafficway is included in the bill will probably depend on just how big the program is,” she said.
And we can't forget Queen Kathleen's killing of the coal plant in Holcomb before she took her comfy position as HHS Secretary, where she's been showing reporters how to sneeze.

Democrats will try in 2010 to appear "independent" and "middle-of-the-road", but groups like the Sierra Club and radical environmentalists would have far too much control over energy policy if Dems somehow took the reins of power in Kansas.

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