Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning Brief: Revenues, Dream Ticket, Jenkins' Town Hall, Dole Schools Obama

Some of the top headlines this morning:
  • Revenues Up, For Now: The Associated Press is reporting that Kansas state revenues are up for August, coming in at $376.8 million, up from the predicted $369.9 million. Alan Conroy, director of legislative research was this was "modest" good news and Governor Mark Parkinson issued a statement, saying the revenue report is an "encouraging sign".

  • The Dems Worst Nightmare?: Yesterday, the KC Star reported Senator Brownback, Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh, and GOP Chairwoman Amanda Adkins will hold a press conference at 11am on Thursday. Could this really be the dream ticket Republicans are waiting for or will it be a friendly, unifying endorsement? Seeing how the Democrats' bench is literally non-existent, especially after Jim Slattery's humiliating defeat in last year's election, a Brownback-Thornburgh ticket would seal the deal for the GOP to take the governor's mansion back for the next 8-16 years. But either way, Brownback will be governor in 2010. Such a ticket will surely send Dems running with their tails between their legs.

  • Jenkins Fends Off MoveOn/Dennis Kucinich Clones: The Topeka Capital-Journal and Lawrence Journal-World highlights Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins' town hall yesterday at the Dole Institute in Lawrence. Single-payer loons, public option fiends, and "Health Care for All" advocates were there to spout their usual talking points. An enlightened KU student said health care is "the biggest social justice issue (in our time)". Riiiight. You know when liberals start making moral arguments like this, they've run out of actual reasons. A poll yesterday said only 40 percent of Americans support President Obama's handling of health care...if that's national number, I can't even imagine what the number is in Kansas. Stating the obvious: Kansas DO NOT want government in their health care.

  • Bob Dole Schools Obama: In case you missed this goodie a few days ago, former Senator, and a great Kansan, Bob Dole, lashes the White House for its amateur handling of health care. Dole dishes out good advice for the president and if his Ivy League education taught him anything, he'd come down from his Hope cloud and listen.

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