Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moore Comes out of Hiding to Congratulate Spelling Bee Winner

After refusing to meet with the nearly 1,000 constituents who wanted to hear Dennis Moore's thoughts on health care, we thought he went off the radar.

Not so.

The 3rd district's own coward took a daring leap by going to an Olathe middle school to congratulate the winner of the national spelling bee. Now, we are the first to congratulate the young girl who accomplished such a great feat. Winning that competition takes hard work, lots of studying, and let's face it, a natural ability that many people don't have.

But really, Congressman Moore? Does it get much easier than this? Perhaps you should grow a spine and agree to meet with your voting constituents who have questions for you on why you support a "public option", why you voted for the detrimental cap and trade legislation, and why you continue to use taxpayer dollars to bailout Wall Street. Perhaps it's the thousands of dollars you've taken from the financial sector.

We suppose you like these feel good events, but whether you face reality now or in November of 2010, it's going to be ugly. So put an end to your cowardice and make yourself available to more than just middle school students.

Write Dennis Moore and ask him why he continues to hide from Kansans.

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