Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Brief: H1N1, Thornburgh Backs Brownback, Obamamaniac Takes a Bite, Liberal WEBlog

  • Kansas Prepares for more H1N1: A cause for alarm or media hype? According to the CDC, as many as half of all Kansans could contract H1N1. Seems like a second round of the swine flu scare that happened earlier this year. Hospitals are preparing and schools are trying to figure out what to do to prevent an outbreak. Medical professionals says Hope'N'Change can't cure H1N1. White House takes issue.

  • Thornburgh Backs Brownback: All smiles and hugs yesterday when Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh endorsed U.S. Senator Sam Brownback in his bid for governor after Thornburgh dropped out in July. The endorsement lines the entire GOP behind Brownback after Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger made her endorsement official last week. Kansas Democrats were pretty much neutered after Queen Sebelius took a mad dash to Washington...unlikely they'll have a serious candidate. Possibilities include Democrat Senator Chris Steineger and KS Dem Party Chair Larry Gates. Either would prove entertaining. Predictions on how much Brownback will report in January? Leave a comment with your estimate.

  • Obamamaniac Takes A Bite: Just like it sounds. An Obamacare supporter and fanatic bit off the finger of a 65-year old man who opposes a government takeover of health care. See interview here. Word to the wise: watch out for vigilers and health care proponents who tend to dwell in the Lawrence...they pack a mean bite.

  • WEBlog on Dem Party Payroll?: For real. Have you read the Wichita Eagle's blog lately? Take a look. Enough said.

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