Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moore's Seat Moves Closer to Vulnerable

The Cook Political Report, "an independent, non-partisan newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns", sent out some good news that should make Kansas Republicans even more confident in booting Dennis Moore in 2010.

Cook rates political races as to how likely it is for a seat to stay with the incumbent, be a toss-up, or change parties. Before today, Cook found Kansas' 3rd district to be classified as a "solid Democrat" seat. That status how now changed to "likely Democratic" -- 14 months out from the election.

This is yet another sign that Moore's true colors are coming out and the people of the 3rd district aren't liking what they see. According to the Washington Post, Moore has voted with his party 98.1 percent of the time and makes his voting record the most partisan of any member of the Kansas congressional delegation.

With former state legislator Patricia Lightner jumping into the race and the probably of at least two more potential heavyweights, Moore is on the GOP's hit list. He's gotten off the hook before, but after revealing his partisan nature and disregard for his constituent's opinions, this will be the year to knock him off.

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